FRESH CUT: Why my Dad hates Rappers and likes 80s Hip Hop?

FRESH CUT: Why my Dad hates Rappers and likes 80s Hip Hop?

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They say what you see is what you get and please don’t forget not all you get you have seen it coming before. My DAD/  Zeeyi to be honest guy has no hip hop background or something like that, he grew up on something far from hip hop. I remember when East Africa TV – Channel 5 made an impression Uganda’s youth viewer ship, where hip hop got a lot of rotation on this channel. hip Hop at the time, had more influence among the youth( up to now hip Hop is more felt among youths).

One time as i was watching a music video on this TV Station, a mainstream rap song gets played and honestly it was about how this guy lays hoes , bi**ches and stuff  ( If you may permit). My dad happens to have been present! I think he was at that time assessing the kind of entertainment am so into, may be to see if am content with my world– i don’t remember anyway. But i would tell the video, its subject matter was really what we call weak Sh*t(if am still Permitted). He then provoked me with a few words, “you must be enjoying….eeh !” I didn’t respond but i felt like something is wrong.


Let me repeat, my Paps has never had any hip hop ties to be honest, i don’t think he even knew Rappers Delight( some of the historical Hip hop songs), neither did he know Cool Herc, African Baambaata or even MC Afrik (r.i.p). I will rest that, but one thing i Know he liked poetry and good music. One day as i was watching TV again, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE by Public Enemy starts playing and You guessed right! Chuck D was doing his thing*. Did i ask you to Guess? Maybe subconsciously. So My old man stands right at the Door and watches this song till end and the face he wore was of ” Wow i like this” If you have watched the video then You know What am talking about.


So i  realized he actually gets moved by conscious hip hop and its creative flaws. But did he even pay attention to the fact that What he called GOOD MUSIC is actually Hip Hop. And am not saying hip hop is the proper word for Good Music. Any way who cares it makes up some of that. Hip Hop is a Gad-em Culture if am to Switch on My Bronx*


“I use to love rap when it stood for social injustice and the like, but now it’s all “hey look at my hoes and my bling bla bla”Bigboi500

So i think he would rather listen to a more educative and society conscious songs. Tracks like JJUJU-(by Enygma) lately saw him Mob to some point on my young sisters’ birthday. This reminded me of many hip Hop artists who used samples from soul, rock and Jamaican Dance Hall tracks. This blending and fusion interests him and i think it was more synonymous with the 80s and 90s too. (correct me if am wrong).

However my Dad is a funny Dude but he wont act funny to any work of art thats why he actually listens to the message. When i say he hates rappers i think you shouldn’t prepare to make a diss song for him. I meant rappers who have nothing to say but mumble poison. He listens to any type of music but i see him change faces when he gets in touch with really no message type of songs.

I don’t hate rap, but I do dislike the genre in general. I do look at a few songs here and there though. Honestly, I find the music incredibly boring, I think it might be partially due to the fact that, lyrics are last on my list of importance when listening to music.– 




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