FEMCEE ALERT! Meet Race T, a Femcee on the rise

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In July we dedicated the month to femcees and well we had two of them (The Sphynx &Agee) who featured on our Podcast (which you need to download)  and well it feels like next year January should be another femcee month ti kick start the year. Here is Race T a rapper on the come up, who chose to do christian hiphop/rap music.

Who is Resty infact Race T?
Race T aka Mbabazi Resty is a Ugandan based versatile Christian rapper. Her name “Race T
means “Racing for truth”. She always dreamt of performing on stage when she was still young and
tried singing but wasn’t that  perfect.  However all this changed
when she met a rapper called Jimo aka Pages who
most recently was a contestant in the Coca cola rated next contest. In high school he wrote her some few lines of rap which drew her into the genre as she practiced hard and perfected her craft.

Listening to Lecrea’s music with time put her on track and shaped her perspective as regards her purpose as a christian rapper-Seeking the Truth! The applaude Race T always recieved  from the crowd kept her going. With all that positive energy she definately managed to win different high school awards three times in a raw.

She later on founded a
group called JHA(Jesus’ Hiphop Army) that comprises of young talented rappers like Big Mitch,
Allan , Benon , Eddy , Derrick , Isaac and others. Later on she
got signed to Salt nation.

Besides rapping…
When not spitting positive bars she is studying thus she’s a student at Kyambogo university doing Accounting and finance on top of that working on her solo career.

She has done songs like moving on  with JGR , Am free ft Sharlie, Revive me ft Ernest rush and Pretty gals ft Ladybezo, M.C loy and Zabuli   and also featured on Am xtain by Barna ft Ruyonga , Race T, Solo and Otim, forever and always by Bejamin Prince

On Monday 21 December she is set to release her single Pretty Gals ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo.

Lecrea is an American Christian Rapper.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

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3 thoughts on “FEMCEE ALERT! Meet Race T, a Femcee on the rise

  1. […] Race T has her thing going on as she clearly hinted and promised the las time we had over here on Episode 7. Ani Asinga is mind-blowing and this rap diversity she takes up is an avenue that few Christian rappers explore. The idea of turn up music given a more positive and Christian approach just got better with Ani Asinga  which is produced  by Ernesto & Rix. The young rapper laces very well luganda lines, together with the usual English spit game we from her. The track is off her forth coming Ep which is not yet named according to our source […]

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