Five Reasons You need to attend #HipHopInvitational at Club Gabiro Tomorrow(Nov 21)

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Album concerts have have happened, mixtape celebrations and rap battles have all taken place. Why not a hiphop night? A hiphop night that is entirely free for entrance.

HipHop Invitational Might be a Land marking hiphop event of 2015.


Okay now what are the Reasons I should attend #HipHopInvitational:

ONE THING FOR SURE, it is an entirely free event put together by Dope Music in partnership with Club Gabiro, Bugolobi. At this time of the year when finances might be depressing the cost of entry to an event-a hiphop event is not stapled. Free entrance and so no clowning!

Having entered for free dont think your life will be over, There will performances from Mulekwa , Jhay Effekt, Karama and Alikaliba. Now isnt your entertainment settled? As you enjoy the event you will certainly watch songs you might not know being performed which isnt a problem. One sure thing we know, the performers were highly thought of and they are among the most slept on Emcees.

Wait is it only about performances bro?
Chill! Various artists will be present too, some selling new mixtapes, EPS, Albums, TShirts and much more. NuveyLIVE will be present too and we will have some nice stickers on sale, dont hestitate to pass by our section. You will be able to buy copies of 16*16s.  Rubbing of shoulders is highly possible and recommeded. Its a hiphop night “duuuuh “am sure The Sphynx will say.


The time is so convinient incase your wondering. Arrival time is 7:30 pm and the event will take course till late. Isnt that cool?

And reason five, Boss you are the reason the night was put in place, meaning if you are Ugandan first and fore most we shall be celebrating our HipHop music and culture. Bringing thoughts together just to strengthen the genre. You never know after the event we might have UG HipHop Awards.


What More can i say? Be there and lets kick it with you.

Ps:The night will be Hosted by Ginsu a hot (spittin’ game yet to confirm) and beautiful (owaye) Femcee.

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