Flex D’Paper’s Kampala Boy album cover Highlights the life, culture, and history of Kampala City

Flex D’Paper’s Kampala Boy album cover Highlights the life, culture, and history of Kampala City

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Flex D’Paper on his come up branded himself earlier on as the new school leader at a time Klear Kut, Sylvester and Abramz, Babaluku, Lyrical G, Lady Slyke, Saint C.A and other earlier practitioners of Hip hop in Uganda were the faces of Ugandan Hip hop.

Flash forward from 2011-ish, Alex Kwesigabo Julies aka Flex kept transitioning from being a younger act, a new school leader to a fresh prince of KLA city. His heart has been in Kampala, no doubt!

After many years of waiting, he is releasing his debut album on December 10, this year 2021 featuring American rapper Swae Lee, Navio, Fik Fameica, Mozelo Kidz, A Pass, Keko, Shena Skies, Wake, Kemishan, Mio Made, and Lagum The Rapper.

Most of what he has earned, learned is from Kampala. Around 2015 it became much clear he is a Kampala Boy as he kept saying this moniker on most songs and interviews; and it is only right to pay homage to the city that raised him in almost all aspect of life including the music.

Now about the cover art…

While branding your music, cover art matters!

Kampala Boy album cover (before it was digitized) was designed and drawn off a converse by Ugandan artist Hatimax Sebintu who also worked on A Pass’ AFrican Yayo cover.

The black and white Flex wearing the iconic Rapaholix cap is positioned in the foreground of the album backdropped by his younger self highlighting the city’s infrastructure. The young Flex (the boy) holds a boda-boda and a taxi which are Kampala’s popular means of transport. Also a gesture that he runs the city.

Being Flex D’Paper, the Uganda shillings 1,000/= note is no surprise positioned in the left top corner – he hustles for that paper.

Back Cover by Conrad

What about the Back cover?

The back cover with the track listing is made as a paper collage with different sites.

Seeing a taxis you can’t help but think of Park Enkaade (Old Park) and the New plus the stories in these place or in the taxis.

Food: Surviving in Kampala a rolex or Kikomando ( chopped chapatti’s and beans) have to make it to your menu. These are quick fix meals. Most Kampala hustlers love these meals and they are well placed on the track list cover.

Symbols and more.

The independence monument, crested crane and the Uganda flag extend the self governance notion and also pride of the pearl. The presence of an old copy of The Uganda Argus reads: INDEPENCE. It is powerful. All we see is history.

You think about Uganda’s history as you appreciate or critic Kampala.

It is easy to miss seeing Flex on this side but he is covered (at least his head) by the national flag.

About the cello tape: Kampala has it’s lows but regardless people have away to go through things.

The cover simply says Flex D’Paper is a Ugandan and a Kampala boy, so until then let’s wait for the album on December 10th.




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