Hey Fam’ no one cares what you are going through, just keep Grinding

Hey Fam’ no one cares what you are going through, just keep Grinding

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I had a conversation with an old friend of mine – about life, work an life again and really just life. Life encompasses; work, love, pain and more. The topics we had were revolving around work, finances and then hip hop. He said something about how UG Hip Hop has a lot of it’s politics, sometimes the politics is partisan.

I personally don’t gravitate to politics, but do you know that everything is politics? Think about how a father has to get the bigger share of the meal. How a child is cautioned not to do without an explanation. What am I even saying here?

All of a sudden, I remember him say ‘bruh no one cares, what you re going through. This rap thing, business, no one cares!’. It is that kind of truth that hurts you to the core and yet you have to keep going. I had told him about a certain business venture that I had hopped on but didn’t seem to catch on. His words still echo in my mind. Sitting at one of my hustles, I started putting together this piece to let you know that no one cares you have a bad jus continue pursue your rap career or a career in hip hop.

Only when you are winning, we will care. A few will resonate with you. You might be the only person giving a ALPHABET or your family members or your bae. The grind up is not easy. When I started out this blogging thing, especially about hip hop, I was mocked by downers to prominent artists because well some didn’t fathom my role to UG Hip hop. I stuck to my keyboard and I promise to continue stroking the keys till UG Hip hop is on all boards.

There are people who wish you luck and hope they were you. There are people who will give you some assistance and those are the ones you should always never forget. Investors will come if only they know you are a big cash promise. 10% of your success comes from 90% of you, and only you as a person. No cares if you sleep hungry.

You team will, your fans will not. The people you offer your service won’t, your team will. If you share your struggles in the music we will relate and be grateful but until then, we might not care you have bills to pay unless you give a reason to.

What to do? Work with the means you have. Push, keep pushing. Reach out to people might care. Present your self as a capable solo-(entrepreneur) business, certified hustler but not a struggling artist. Everyone is struggling, so that isn’t a point to sell.

Some people not caring isn’t your fault. It will be your fault if you don’t care to care about your grind. It will be your fault to stop, because you have likely not tried enough. This century is about choking fans with your work, give them their interest. Give people the product by pushing it down their throats with care. People follow FOMO, interest.

In the words of my friend, ‘No one cares’. You should care! Hope you enjoy reading my objective pessimism.

by Ayella (@NuveyShawn)

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