HipHop Events yet to happen before the year Ends You OUGHT NOT to MISS

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As the year is winding down there are events that i think you as a hiphop head or even a poetry enthusiast should be going to. This year has been filled with many landmarking events such as the release of The Chosen, Hip Hop Invitational, Break Fast Jam and many more. We sat down and compiled a short list of events we are aware of and which we think you shouldn’t miss.

1) kambajulire Mixtape Release at Kay Club. This has been almost the highlight of the year, most anticipated mixtape release due to the work behind and the team at large. It is to take place on 23rd December. Pryce Teeba will be accompanied by various artists who feature on the tape. Entrance is Free and Kambajulire will be on sale @10k.  I guess yo midweek is covered.


2)The 13th HipHop Summit at Sabrinas Pub. Bavubuka Foundation brings back this annual event ti celebrate indigenious work in the country. This includes performances from rappers and poetry recitals. We are told there will be live cyphers too. Despite the troll by Babaluku the event definately is to take place on 26 December. And we heard The Reminders are going to take part  in this year’s event(Courtesy of Urban Hype)


3)The Uganda Rap Legeau-URL Rap Battles. YES for those who love seeing emcees sweat it out on a mic, here it is. There will be URL battles on 27th December to wrap up the battle spirit that we believe was strengthened by the force the Swagger Lounge HipHop night had brought forth this year(June-July).


We also heard 207 will be releasing his Album on Christmas day.

The list is to be updated as long as we learn of other events.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

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