How To Network As A Music Producer

How To Network As A Music Producer

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Are you a budding producer, or you have seen it all but need more knowledge on how to play ball? Here are tips to guide you on how best to make a cut in this industry through networking.

Networking is an essential part of your music career. The days where you can simply release music, invest no time in promoting this music, and become a well-known artist are gone. The good news is that there are plenty of tools available to you for free to promote your music to a global audience. Below, I have listed three ways that you can network as a music producer.

1. Reach out to other artists

This is one of the simplest but most effective tips. This is also a tip that many producers neglect to follow through on. By reaching out to other artists, you give your artist project a chance to be discovered, receive advice, and gain exposure to a new audience. This must be done correctly though. You cannot simply message a world famous artist and say that you would like to collaborate with them or have them repost your music. This will never work so don’t even try it. You need to contact artists that are at the same skill level as you. Be honest with yourself and your music. Are you making music that is comparable to that world famous artist? The answer is probably no. Search on music streaming platforms to find artists that are at a similar skill level as you and reach out to them. When reaching out to these artists, you need to first and foremost offer value. Messaging producers asking them to listen to your latest track or follow your social profiles has and never will work.

Repost one of their recent releases on social media and mention this to them in your first message. Most artists who message other artists just want to take and take. The goal of the interaction should be to give without expectation. Once you have established that you are providing value to this artist, then you can start asking for advice or for potential collaborations. Think of how you would feel if someone messaged you and right off the bat they said that you should follow them on social media. Would you feel inclined to follow them? You don’t even know who they are. When messaging artists, provide value and don’t ever think that anyone owes you any favors because they don’t.

2. Form a community

Forming a community is one of the best ways to network as a producer. In order to network, you need to have the attention of whoever you are trying to reach. When you build a community, you have the constant attention of many people depending on the size of the community. Not only do you have the attention of people in a community, but you have their support and admiration for what you do. Promoting your music becomes much easier when all you do is let people know about your latest release and they share it for you without you even asking.

One great way to build a community is to create a Facebook group. In this group, you can post anything you would like at any time for any of the group’s members to see. Following up with tip number one, you want to be providing value in the community. Share your latest music production tips, share your favorite youtube tutorials, and share anything that you think will help your community. Remember, building a community takes time and a consistent effort. You need to be constantly engaging and interacting with your community, preferably every day, in order to build any meaningful sized community.

3. Join well-known forums

In addition to building your own community, you can also join an already established community. The internet is full of music producer forums for you to join. From electronic music to rock music, there is a forum for every type of music producer out there. I am starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but when you join these forums, your goal should be to provide value.

Again, if you just post in the forum that you released a new song and everyone should listen to it, most likely no one is going to take a listen and you might even get banned from the forum. Help out other producers when they post questions, offer encouragement to other producers, and post anything that can help improve the other forum members music. Once you have given value, then ask for help. Remember, give, give, and give some more.

Becoming a successful music producer comes down to being able to create professional quality tracks, but if no one ever hears these professional tracks, then your career has no chance of taking off. By applying the three tips above, you will start to see an increase in awareness for your artist project. This awareness is what will give you the opportunity to be heard by a global audience and give you the leverage to build a lasting career.

The article was originally published on Reverbnation 1st May, 2019.

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