Meet Abramz Tekya: The Artist Using HipHop Art Forms to Make a Difference in Community

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Abramz to most is known to have been part of the conscious hiphop duo Sylvester n Abramz.In fact i grew knowing this duo as they made so many songs that painted the issues in society which we greatly appreciated (of course hiphop heads). I met Abramz a few weeks ago at Ruyonga’s Fire Army concert and had a short chat about the concert : though didnt get to ask him a number of things but hoping to.


Tekya “Abramz” Abraham is a Ugandan hiphop artist (rapper & bboy/breakdancer), educator,
motivational speaker and creative facilitator who uses his skills to entertain, educate, empower and inspire change.
He is a member of Ugandan veteran hiphop duo (Sylvester & Abramz) and a member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew (RSC). Director/ founder of Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), a non profit organisation that uses breaking/ breakdance, beatboxing, rap, visual arts plus other art-forms and alternative ways of learning to promote positive social change and social responsibility.

He believes in empowering and practically challenging under previledged people in both third and first world countries to be part of the solution to their own problems. He envisions a world where both third and first world countries learn from each other. His vision and work are some of indicators that Africa has so much to contribute towards its own growth and has lessons/ideas/solutions that even developed countries can benefit from. Abramz is one the known and respected Ugandan hiphop veterans who have played a major role in shaping, spreading and sharing this culture right from the grassroots level.

He got into the hiphop as a kid. He started dancing in 1991 and emceeing (rapping) in 1992 and is still going strong. Abramz is an artist who dedicated his creativity, skills, gifts, time and talent to empowerment, entertainment, education, development of communities and individuals as well speaking for the voiceless.
He does this through rap music performances/ recordings/workshops, dance performances/ workshops, motivational speaking, interactive/ participatory discussions, creative games, organizing/Hosting community events, organizing exchange programs and occasionally uses visual arts & drama/theatre. Over the years, Abramz has performed, taught,
facilitated workshops and spoken at seminars in so many communities across Uganda.

He has also got opportunities to carry out similar work in different parts of the world such as Zanzibar,
Burkina Faso, Denmark, Senegal, Poland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, USA, Germany, Mozambique and Swaziland. He carries out this work both locally and internationally in schools (Kindergartens, primary, secondary, colleges & universities), community centres/spaces, NGOs, Prisons (both juvenile and adult), Drug rehabiliation centres, orphanages, Children’s homes, seminars, festivals/arts events, associations, clubs, companies, ghettos/slums, on the streets , among other places.
His art, work and innovations have also traveled to so many places on earth where he has never
physically been.

His art is inspired by his life lessons which have shaped him into the kind of person he is.
Everyone is a student and teacher so Abramz still learns from all the people he meets regardless of age, size, gender, race, nationality, tribe, religion, educational background etc. Some of the organizations that Abramz has worked with include: Oxfam, USAID, UNICEF, UNHCR, Makerere
University (Uganda), National Geographic Museum (Washington, D.C.), Red Bull (North America), DFID/UKaid, Uganda Prison Service, Action AID, Alliance Française, Ambrosoli International School (Uganda), The American International School (Maputo), Brave Festival (Poland), Breakfast Jam (Uganda), Breakpoint (Denmark), Dance Week Uganda, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/CKU, Educate! (Uganda), Festival of The Black Arts (Senegal), Four Elements International Hiphop Convention (Austria), Get Down (Denmark), Global Youth Partnership for Africa, Ghetto Radio (South
Africa), GZK/Uganda German Cultural Society, Hands For Hope (Uganda), Health Education
And Literacy Sports (HEALS – Uganda), Hope North (Uganda), In Movement Art for Social
Change (Uganda), InterAID (Uganda), Kampala International School (Uganda), Kids of Africa Orphanage (Uganda), Kinship Orphanage (Uganda), Maputo International School
(Mozambique), MTN Bush Fire Festival (Swaziland), The Naguru Remand Home (Uganda), New York University (U.S.A.), Nomadic Wax (U.S.A.), The Norweigan College of Dance (Norway), Product Of Prison (Uganda), Partnership for Youth Empowerment (PYE Global), Rice University of Houston Texas
(U.S.A.), Rock Steady Crew (U.S.A.), Sanpatrignano rehabilitation centre (Italy), Street Gam3 (Denmark), Global Shine, Take A Break (Kenya), TASO – The AIDS Support Organization (Uganda), Thought Works, Uganda Christian University (Mukono), Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG), Uganda Pioneers Association, Virginia Tech University (U.S.A.), Viva Con Agua (Germany), Waga Hip Hop Festival (Burkina Faso), Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Abramz linkedin profile: http://


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