Money Sex Power, a Baru and Abaasa feat. Delboy true story

Money Sex Power, a  Baru and Abaasa feat. Delboy true story

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Baru keeps crafting. He enlisted Abaasa as lead artiste to out the based on a true story Money Sex Power EP. Baru as usual is on the boards, mixing and mastering as much as he does the curation of the music. MSP is his second full length project released this year and the twelfth in his catalogue of collaborative mixtapes, albums and EPs.

In July he dropped It Is What It Is with Pryce Teeba.

Money Sex Power is a short audio film, in the production approach, it is as if Baru was imagining the EP as a film one to watch, after all it is based on something seen in real life. This is soundtrack music for you.

Delboy the unorthodox rapper, also offers his witty and memorable lyrics on two closing tracks; “Summer Chicks” and “No Feels” respectively.

The package is cinematic production, progressive story telling from the artistes and uncredited voice notes seemingly from a telephone conversation from a man giving his story of a failed relationship, pressures and sex with/ about an unnamed lady to his friend (not credited) – It is men’s gossip. The man must have taken advantage or in shock of how easy he seemed to get some – the life line of the EP really.

It is smart. The telephone conversation is as necessary as the verse, mood of the beat. The story is much relevant – it is a one listen project best as a unit.

MSP tracklist

The EP runs for less than 16 minutes prompting a constant replay to master the lyrics, tracks and evoke true enjoyment, something Baru as mastered when it comes to his self curated projects. As one of the best curators in the game, he understands a good story, streaming culture and attention spans. He might drop a part 2.

MSP is offers some of the basic human urges like getting money, sex, then the power. Promiscuity, broken promises, greed and relationship drama’s take center stage, a hurt man, a man taking advantage, a lady hoping to do the same – its the relationship, hook ups rat race.

There are great tracks, some of the best Baru has produced as well as Abaasa – the two produced the Ep and Baru did the mastering. Cosign is credited as a writer as well as Delboy.

For RnB loving people this is a great listening experience which has trap-melody and Del.

Be sure to catch “Side Chicks”, “Summer Chicks” and “No Feels”

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