Nas aka Nasir Jones, African American Rappper

Ugandan Hip Hop once again got a highlight a month and a half ago when Nas aka Nasir Jones an American Rapper and Hip Hop head together with Guardian put out a six minute documentary, which highlights one of the hip hop elements- B-Dancing /Break Dancing.

Published on Jun 1, 2015
Rapper Nasir ‘Nas’ Jones takes us on a world tour of breakdancing in the most unexpected places.
We visit the slums, shanty towns and ghettos of the world, where hip-hop really means something. With jaw-dropping break dancing moves, b-boys and b-girls in Uganda, Yemen, Cambodia and Colombia give us an inspiring tribute to the uplifting power of music and movement.
It Should be Known That Ruyongas, African was sampled or adopted in the documentary among, others such as I can By Nas.

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