New Music: Hello/Kajjambo – Dagg Mizzo

New Music: Hello/Kajjambo – Dagg Mizzo

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Dagg Mizzo is part of the Hidden Empire Outfit which has a number Christian rappers and artists headed by the visionary Ruyonga. Dagg Mizzo adds Hello (Kajjambo) to his journey as a rapper passionate about Hip hop music, life and GOD. The Gospel / Christian Hip Hop scene is seeming growing thanks to the Hidden Empire rappers such as Wake, Lagum, Race T, Rodney and the main man Ruyonga , and so Dagg.

Being a new school rapper he has explored a number of beats but for this particular one he goes trappy/hippy to bring out the positive vibes he intends. Dagg speaks of his ambition, aspirations and more on this one. This is that type of record; that  you can play on a beautiful Sunday evening or any time of the day and week just to get your mood started positively. Given the short length and yet catchy appeal, it demands an instant replay.

As he does it  Christian in this new school life line with the #808s  that bang for Christ we hope for more projects  from this 21 years old rapper, having received somewhat debut  5 track EP My Evolution.

Since Kajjambo  is a Luganda word to mean HELLO and hey, HELLO, download here

Download Dagg Mizzo – HELLO(KAJJAMBO)


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