On UG Hip Hop Awards ’16 and Building

On UG Hip Hop Awards ’16 and Building

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We have had a bad history with awards in the country and every one knows it but I believe the UG Hip Hop Awards are hope enough. From the PAM  (Pearl of Africa Music) awards to a number of music awards that emerged along the way, many of these didn’t or don’t represent hip hop clearly or informatively. When the PAM awards went into eternal end Hip Hop which, was having the juice  went into great depression. You Know men and toys? but again they matter!

The Gospel music sphere had a number of music awards emerge like the VIGA awards and lately i heard of HITs awards (Not sure what they are ?). The point is so many people were getting together to award their communities – we have seen this through school as well – best student, student of the year and the like.

I recently had a chat with one of my rapper friends AJO,   and we just did a brain storming on what exactly the UG Hip Hop Awards means, and what it really promises or would. We went through various ideas some that I only wish was on the record or podcast (and oh snap what happened to the podcast? but will be a story for another post). I asked him if he thinks the awards promise anything, Just roughly he said :  “Yes I believe so. With proper organization UG Hip Hop awards can become a fundamental movement. Most analysts shall be required. Producers shall be contracted for theme songs and the like. There will be opportunities created” With this notion I realised it can be beyond accolades but away to have the whole industry involved to build the genre.

I feel opportunities could range to artists having, a chance to showcase their products or brand prior to the main event. This is only possible if their is an award campaign event of sorts. If that isn’t possible it will be of great value to consider individuals within the industry as away of build. Do we have an industry? Well the UG Hip Hop Awards speak that strongly, that we can have an industry independent of others and yet operate with significant others. It’s also an opportunity to floss or stunt on all those who have deliberately ignored the genre.

AJO put his remarks this way to conclude, “…opportunity to everybody that is involved”, any one who will tweet about these awards in away has a chance to prove to nay sayers to the genre. Whoever will be contracted in the awards and strong appeal should be at least close to the genre as such. NuveyLive might not necessarily be on any promotional banners  but this means a lot to organizations or individuals interested in promoting the genre – this is like a statement to accompany whatever we may say about hip hop now and the future. And when we get left out in some Awards we have more than a home to celebrate Hip Hop!

Adieu! Listen to UG hip Hop!

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