#HappyValentinesDay | Poem: Purple Vision by Lyn Mugisha off the Dolphin Enterprise EP

#HappyValentinesDay | Poem: Purple Vision by Lyn Mugisha off the  Dolphin Enterprise EP

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Love in the air ain’t ? Happy Valentine’s Day our esteemed readers and followers we wish to thank you for the continued support and love we appreciate you  a lot. That being said we are humbled to present and announce Dolphin Enterprise which is a NuveyLIVE EP that is under construction or creation and Purple Vision is the first piece off it by Lyn Mugisha (Poet and Writer with NuveyLIVE) This project will have poets, rappers and spoken word artists contributing and writing about topics such as love, belonging and unity of a society. This is aimed at raising some funds that will go to any Charity that we can identify upon completion of the EP.


Purple Vision

He still remembers his first.

He remembers your first smile

That day, that morning! The sparkle you had in your beautiful eyes

Those round big white balls!

He thought it was a dream.

You gave him the joy he could ever ask for

You gave him the world, you gave him hope

His first, forever and last

His only gift that day and forever was his HEART

He promised it would always be yours till death do you part.

On such a day, the only gift

He still hopes is worth in his heart, his whole, his everything

His Rose, his lily, his only smiley

Forever his Valentine! His violet! His Imaginary Love!

By Lyn Mugisha


About the Poet: Lyn Mugisha is a poet, teacher, writer and Editor who works closely with NuveyLIVE Check some of her articles here

The audio to this poem will be out next month according to the schedule that we have designed and be sure to catch it in time when a link is available. The poem is so far the first entry to the Dolphin Enterprise EP which we so much hope to put out soon and as a way of showing our gratitude we hope you have enjoyed the poem and feel free to leave a comment below.


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