Rap Up 2022: Nyege Nyege, St. Nelly-sade is now a father and more

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As always rapper St. Nelly-sade does not disappoint. His “rap ups” at the end of every year are always something that hip-hop lovers anticipate literally throughout the whole year. His lyrical genius always shines through. That and the electric beats, and the rapper always concludes the year with a banger. 2022 was not any different and at the beginning of this new year, St. Nelly-sade released the Rap Up 2022.

The amazing track is a summary of all the significant events of 2022, an insanely accurate summary if you’ll ask me. We all know how there is always something going on in the country to keep Ugandans on their toes and since the jam was released early this year.

The song highlights the funny topics that have had us laughing, angry and shocked in 2023.

St. Nelly Sade then goes on to dive deep into last year’s events, right from life after the pandemic, schools and the economy fully reopening (concerts, schools, transportation e.t.c), the buzzing nightlife to internet trends that had the country laughing throughout the year.

It’s a very exhausting summary and the creativity is outstanding with every attempt.

It was definitely worth the wait. The Rap Up 2022 year review was produced by Yung Jay Basalesale.

I was extremely impressed, this track is definitely worth everything. St. Nelly Sade always greatly outdid himself on this one. He also reminded us that he is a father now aka “sekawele”.



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