Reasons why Poor #Branding as an Artist is affecting YOU

Reasons why Poor #Branding as an Artist is affecting YOU

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“Do you know how long it took me to write bio?”
“Dude three days!”
“Yes yo’ right, and…”

Bio: Biography

And what is your excuse for having a Bio that has been up on-line or wherever it is for months without re-editing or at least an update. Now I think you’re looking for the person this message is intended. Welcome on board our dear reader/follower/fan/rapper/poet/hip hop producer and in case your are a visitor, NuveyLive got you covered. (Winks)


[aesop_quote type=”block” background=”#ffffff” text=”#4e4e4e” align=”left” size=”2″ quote=”How to COME up with a Bio is so easy like buying an Album you like.” parallax=”off” direction=”left” revealfx=”off”]

Last night i was looking for some new content, poetry on line to be specific and new music for review and I landed on a page which i don’t hope to mention with a Bio that i presume has been up for months with grammatical errors. That was a long sentence there ↑↑. I was disturbed for minutes as i tried to make guided interpretations of the first two lines of this individuals’ About. Who am i to reduce him to an ordinary being, I mean it was clear he is a rapper and poet! With all due respect i was put off with this wreck-less behavior.

Now many people will tell you that part of your presence as an artist includes packaging(i said Branding up there i mean the same thing down here too) true that’s a fact you need to consider that. People love to read something about you. To know your journey and inspirations in that it is easy to determine why you write or rap about certain things.  How to COME up with a Bio is so easy like buying an Album you like.

(Note: Navio Just released a new album The Chosen)


HOW  to get my self a good biography?
You can hire someone to do it for you, a person who is good at biography writing or call it profiling the essential things that need to be related to your personality and you as a brand. Some costs will be incurred(It isn’t your Chapati guy).You can also do it your self and cut costs and reduce the chances of lying through someone else, meaning you will have to be honest men! Make sure to revisit your Bio at least for updates, clarity and certainty of the grammatical errors. A friend would be helpful to go through it for you. You could ask Google by the way!


Hey but i have done all that.
Then you are lucky. If you haven’t done that something must be wrong, and most likely its your profile i saw. The EFFECT of having information that isn’t well written, packaged,outlined and organized won’t be good and will also say a lot about your personality. Honestly the rapper or poet might have good material but neglect of language use (grammar)while writing could be a threat to yo next fan. And if your really lying in your profile it may be very had for you to account for that. What i can leave behind for you is Twakuggudemu  the song even when i know Nakuggudemu ( its you I landed on)

Remember no body is perfect, recheck your Bio info or any other info always!

Part two on  Branding continues…

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