Recho Rey’s “Tojja Kulya” Visual Out Now: ‘Stingy Men to Starve’

Recho Rey’s “Tojja Kulya” Visual Out Now: ‘Stingy Men to Starve’

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On 18th January, Recho Rey finally released the long awaited video of her raunchy suggesting song Tojja Kulya. After 3 months since she dropped the track, the video was finally released. The track was directed by Grate Make Films who did a very great job on the visuals. Sonny Beats who produced the song also outdid themselves in mixing and mastering the song.

“Tojja Kulya” the catch phrase in the track is us a Luganda phrase which loosely translates to “you will not eat” and the phrase is commonly used to mean that a lady will not give a guy “some” or the other way round (but you know the story).

In the video, a guy is seen asking Recho Rey for “some” and she goes ahead to tell him “tojja kulya” [I will not give you some/ you will not eat] .

The witty message in this song is directed to stingy men who want to have sexual relationships with women for free or with the women benefiting nothing from these relationships. From one side of the coin the song tells men to put in some effort to please the ladies on the other it may be seen as a material girl kind of situation.

Like any song aimed at creating a challenge in this social media age, their are some dance moves in the visual.

Watch below:

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