Rewind of the day: We Are-Bantu Clan The Tribe (REVIEW)

Rewind of the day: We Are-Bantu Clan The Tribe (REVIEW)

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Going through my archive i landed on a folder titled Bantu and i remembered the beautiful pieces i had saved in it. Going through the files and Playing through the tracks an idea popped in my mind.

Do people know who they are?

I think i know who i am or atleast i can tell that i am not another person. We are is an amazing song that sent me direct to many thoughts and honestly i said to my self: ‘These guys are highly slept on. So organic!’ Having no clue of how the song came about and so i had to ask.

What is the idea, concept and inspiration behind this song?

We Are is a song that came at a time (2013) when Africa in general was going through a spin of a lot of evil acts, the killings in Sudan by the natives of the land and the genocide background, the in same year 5 Pakistani investors had gang rapped and sordomised a 23 year old Ugandan girl and walked away with it and a lot of corruption in the judiciary which always gave no rights to the poor who were oppressed by the rich. We Are urges us to unite and fight together to make Africa a better place.

The song was recorded during the 2013 DOA DOA arts market by Mukalazi David (Bantu Clan’s official producer) which features a female Emcee, poet from Rwanda with a Lauryn Hill background Angel Mutoni and an RnB artist with a John Legend background from the same country Mike Kiyihura Ntwaza. We Are comes off the Bantu Clan The Tribe’s compilation entitled “Boda II Boda” which features 7 artists from 7 different countries. ” Buka Chimey


Well as you see there its deeper than what i thought, its more than identity of an individual but US as a PEOPLE. Conscious hiphop blended with all these organic sounds and influences from genres like RnB and instrumental is what you can categorise with.

Bantu clan in a sec?

An indigenous Hip Hop band on a quest to unify cultures, express consciousness, identify indigenous sound and expose it to the world, “Brothers Alliance Navigating towards Unity” Bantu Clan The Tribe is at once reminiscent of soothing – groovy conscious Hip Hop, while simultaneously hearkening to a heartfelt, down- home charm. The blend of traditional indigenous sounds, western sounds to marry the cultures, authentic rap, melodies and hook-laden, conscious lyrics in more than three native languages from Uganda and Zimbabwe is garnering them notice in East Africa and beyond the borders.

How you can connect with Bantu Clan and get more music like We Are?


There you Go.

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