Six With Naxa – talks Change album, genesis and future music prospects

Six With Naxa – talks Change album, genesis and future music prospects

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Recently Naxa announced on his social media platform of his forthcoming album Change (scheduled for 24 June) and I hit him up; had a chat about the album, his journey and what is coming.

The interview has been edited for clarity. gets to ask about six key questions from the writers or fans. I would like to welcome you to this Q&A. I am A.R.N founder

Naxa: Nice 1. First off. Who is Naxa and how the hell do you pronounce that? Since a name carries information about a person what is in this name?

Naxa: well naxa is simply a christian rap artist that is based in Kampala Uganda. A graduate with a Bachelors in biotechnology.
And it’s pronounced /naksa/

Naxa: The name comes just came from nasser which is my real name. I decided to switch it up a bit to Naxa

Naxa: It doesn’t mean much but for me it represents a change in identity 1.1 /naksa/ sounds like it isn’t English or from the few local languages I know. So this indentity what do you indentity with or stand for especially musically?

Naxa: I wanted to have an alias that was similar in pronunciation to my real name so that its easy for people to pick it up I came up with that name well the x represents the cross of my lord Jesus Christ and reminds me of the burden I carry and that is to love people enough to see them live better or to their fullest potential

Naxa: I stand for transformation through changing of the mindset 2. Speaking of change; you had an interesting release of “change”(music video) and managed to score interviews last year. At the moment I knew you for a poet via Makerere’s Kelele. At this point are you a rapper or poet-rapper if that even matters?

You might have not seen me but I always was looking for talent to cover. The energy of the video and the story got me thinking. Is Naxa simply going to stop here with the social commentary ? Then just a few days I saw a poster for your forthcoming album

Naxa: All I can say is that am an artists. quite frankly I didnt know that I could do poetry till I dropped a verse from one of my songs at kelele and everyone defined it as poetry me there’s a thin line between the two in regard to my craft. I just express whats on my heart and let the audience define it according to their interpretation

Naxa: Naxa is an ice burg …there’s a lot to me than the few things people see ..thats just the tip of the iceberg but underneath the water is a huge block of work

Naxa: This change album has been long overdue and I believe its time it came out just so the world can get a glimpse of what I carry 3. All music is poetry. I know poets who just wouldn’t want to be called rappers and rappers fascinated with being called poets because they think they are deep. Nonetheless how long has it taken you to craft change is it a concept album?


Naxa: Not really I wouldn’t categorize it as a concept album but all most of the songs contain an different element of change. Its taken me an entire year from the time I conceived the idea to work on an album. 3.1 so it isn’t as such but you have a driving force the album. What change do you want to see? What kind of artist should the world be expecting you to be?

Naxa: I want to see a change in lots of aspects of life first of all the way people think in this generation. Everyone wants to be a copycat and follow trends in stead of setting the trends. Only a handful have their eyes on leaving a legacy as most just live life as a statistic.
I could go on for hours if i were to break it all down but in a nutshell the way we perceive things needs to change.
The world should expect to see an artist who calls things for what they are and chooses to stand in the gap in case no body else is willing. 4. I am always fascinated with talking about recovering ‘the money ‘. How has the industry been like for you. Has the media supported you as much as you expected? Does it feel like you have recovered the money?

Naxa: Hahaha. Interesting question! Quite frankly I would say that I’m still at the investment phase of the music business so I haven’t yet got returns. And yes i have received some support from the few friends I have in the media. I must say however that not all the people i expected to show support came through but on the upside this album is a great opportunity for them to come on board and show their support

I believe i’m in the process of recovering the money 5. This makes me want to takes us back: you have a BA in Biotech and still pursue music. Where you supported by family? Do you still double the grind via the academic equipment you had?


Naxa: Support came mainly from my mother who just has been an encouragement. I am currently not practicing biotechnology just grinding in different hustles to get the money up 5.1 which is a great thing. Do you have the hip hop saved my life story or you found it as an avenue to tell stories?

Naxa: Hehe ..nah its the latter, i was always intrigued with how greatly i could articulate whatever is on my mind through a verse 6.1 before we wrap up: where can one get your music and singles off Change?

Naxa: My single is on itunes, Spotify, deezer and all streaming platforms. The video is up on my YouTube channel NAXA ug 6. Finally, What should we expect from Change?

Naxa: Fire ..water ..wind ..and earthquakes. Well on a serious note.
Excpect great stories, clean sound and also i feature a new talent on most of my tracks. Her name is Makula and I believe she’s one of the hidden gems i am honored to have worked with. Saw it a great opportunity to show her to the world.

To sum it all up the change album is what you need …regardless what age you are 6.3: allow me slide in this: what do you think of collaborations, given you have collabs with Dagg and the lady you have just mentioned?

They are healthy the idea of two people both bringing their best to the table is the great for art. Plus collabos are a platform for the hidden talents out there who people may never know Man you are a clever cat. We look forward to the music. Six with won’t go beyond this for now.

Six With is a feature that seeks to ask artists and industry people about what’s going on within the industry, advise and more. Fans can get a chance to asked their favourite artist by writing to

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