Six With Rugged- Talks Kyabuswavu & joint Stonetown album

Six With Rugged- Talks Kyabuswavu &  joint Stonetown album

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As promised our new feature Six With will be bringing you information in form of six hot questions or the most necessary questions for your hip hop and spoken word acts and people involved in the sphere. Six With caught up with Rugged Made and he revealed information on His joint Album with Stonetown and so much more. Follow the interview below:

1. Hello, For starters who is Rugged?
Rugged is an emcee/indie hiphop artist and social entrepreneur born and raised in Ntinda and Namuwongo respectively. My passion lies in creative arts and more so using music to engage the masses. My story is still being written. So for now Rugged is a project in the works. A traveler on this journey.
2. You have recently dropped various songs here and there like Kyabuswavu
are you working on a full length project?
Yes I am. A project am very excited about. Me and the producer Stonetown are working on a project called The Rugged Stone Age. So far over 6 songs have been recorded and these include Priceless, In awe of you, kyabuswavu the original and remix and Elements. All available on radio and online. Then me and my muddy boots family have been busy contributing to the Best Kept Secret album which is more of a compilation record spearheaded by B Steezy. It’s like a doctor Dre album where u have different artist featuring on the tracks and am
also super excited about it because it’s a diverse record and the sound is current. A lot of trap hehehehe, 808s and the like. Am sure muddy boots fans will love it!

Kybuswavu Cover art

3. We heard of your project with Stone Town, Whats the name of this
project and any other details?
Like i stated earlier, it’s called The Rugged Stone Age. All songs solely produced by Papa stone. We feature artists like, KracboneNuttyboi, Potters clay, Play01, Miss pinky bella, Sylvester, Benny Black, Ziyanda strange and Omulenzi  caution. We still recording so
there’s no telling who else might feature.
4. How long have you worked on this project, is it near completion? And
what is the appeal like as regards the message?
We’ve been working on this project for a year now. Mainly ’cause I’ve been juggling music and my personal business and projects on the side. But yes its nearing completion. If we can knock  out 6 or so more songs by early next year, then its a wrap. Either that or we push singles till
they make an album. And subject matter wise we cover a wide range of topics. From social political awareness, spirituality, personal growth, partying and of course lyrical prowess. It’s quite multidimensional.


5. Your particular sound is more like the west coast classical, why is
your approach more like this given 808s are the new lingo?
Hehehehe. West coast bruh? Maybe on one song. But yeah the sound is basic hip hop samples and boom bop inclined. I remember when me and Stonetown were talking about the direction of this album and we wanted to make something for the mature hip hop heads. Cats who grew up following the culture during its golden years. Thats our core audience for this album. We wanted to remind them of that classic nostalgic hip hop. Not that we are forgetting the kids. What we bring is diversity and alternative indie music. We didn’t want to follow the
current tide but create our own wave. Thinking out of the box

6. What should a fan of hip hop and Rugged at large expect from you in
the future?
Good Music and a lot of social activity. Me and a few good folks from community based organisations and civil society have been using arts to empower and engage the inner city youth in spheres of education, self actualization and community self sustainability so thats an area I would like to put my strength and wit into. Watch out for more #Twawambye music. More Muddy Music, More Urban Aksent Music and generally more UG hip hop music!

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