Six With S.T.R.A.P – hints on D & C release and more

Six With S.T.R.A.P – hints on D & C release and more

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This week on Six With the focus is on STRAP, a Ugandan rapper who grew up in Ntinda and on the goal to roar African pride, represents Uganda from Wichita (USA). He has had a number of fire  projects  and two albums. Oblivion and the Futuristic Past are to be followed by Drinks and Conversation real soon and thus I discuss this and so much more  below:

1.Hello there,  welcome to Six With. In a few words Who is STRAP?

STRAP is a servant of the people. Just a kid that grew up in Ntinda, moved to Kisaasi. Then found himself doing music while attending college in the US.

2. I have been a keen follower of your music and I realize you are too abstract or rather comfortable with metaphorical narratives, why this path and it’s influence?

Well, as music listener and hip hop aficionado, I tend to love a story within a story within a story. I love the challenge of problem solving and seeking for the artist’s intent. The abstract messages force the payback value and word potency to mentally linger on. I also like it when simple words are used to express complex situations.drinks-and-conversation-track-list

3. Two albums so far, and we heard of Drinks and Convo – How far is the album and why Drinks and Convo?

Yes two albums, and six bodies of work. Number 7, Drinks and Conversation is 110% complete. It will be out before December.

4. As a Ugandan, African leaving out of the country how is it going for you as an artist, does it come with challenges to deliver back home?

To be honest, I really love-making the music so all I can control is the process of creating the product. I confess I suck at marketing it but, I am learning plus me and my team also have a longtime vision of where we project our brand will be in the near future. But for now, I will just focus of making quality work and justing share love and positivity to the people who need it.

Judgement Day – STRAP (AUDIO)

5. Who do you think you would love to work with in the country right now and why?

The people that’s love music with no boundaries. Good music shouldn’t have limitations and boarders, be it language, race, religion, ethnicity, sex etc. We derive inspiration and good vibes in rhythmic sounds waves. So those that peep that will either vibe to it or skip it. I love them all.

6. Tell us of an Ideal STRAP playlist and your final remarks.

The playlist that I put out on my birthday is just tour guide to my “Drinks and Conversation” narrative.

S/O to NuveyLive for always showing the kid love. A matter of fact, S/O to all the UG music writers that show love to every artist whether major or local. Mad respect and be on the lookout for the D & C. Peace and Love!

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