SongBoost helps Artists track how many times their Music is played across Countries

SongBoost helps Artists track how many times their Music is played across Countries

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Many artistes spend a lot of money investing in promoters and team members as regards ensuring their music is distributed and played on radio or TV but do not have an exact way to determine that across over 120 media stations. With music streaming you can tell who played your music on Spotify or Apple.

SongBoost is here to help artists know exactly how many times their music is played.

SongBoost is an African based app (originally called Fezah App), that helps mangers, artists, DJs , music labels track their music on 208 radios in 9 African countries for instance Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Zambia, Rwanda and other countries – as more are added.

The startup app was incepted solely for monitoring air play in 2020 during the lockdown and it has had a steady growth. It was co founded by Elijah Kitaka.

7111 songs of artists are being tracked by Song Boost every single day. The Song Boost app is both available on IOS and Android devices.

SongBoost has Air play that will collect results on the number of times ones music is played this is done by a media monitoring technology known as Audio Match.

After an artist investing a lot in their music they will need accurate results to save them wasting time and money.

On the pricing, an artist pays approximately $15 per month or could prefer to pay $150 per year …..which is worth it, hence to get accurate data from 250 radio and television channels.

For an artist ,mileage is key driving factor in their career. The further the music goes the more market and better rhymes to produce knowing who and where the music is moving.


You have to install Song Boost on your device, which could be Android or IOS.

For Ugandans one can pay subscription via Mobile money, for label companies….the music pricing can be negotiable.

Step 1

Install the Song Boost App from either Google play for Android or Apple store for Ios.

Step 2

Sing in ,into Song Boost and verify your number.

Step 3

Personalize your profile. Enter your name, select a profile picture to act as your avatar. Hit save.

Step 4

Different tabs will be presented to the artist…these tabs include artist’s name, song.

Fill in artist name, genre, the country and more information to provide. Then lastly save.

A lot of tech-preneurs are coming up to improve both sectors of tech’ and music .. This will develop the music Industry. Tools like these are essential to the one’s craft, management to the next level.

Download the Song Boost app for better results and monitoring of artist progress here.

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