That Malcom Guy’s “Sirikawo” baby is video of the year contender, most importantly cinematic

That Malcom Guy’s “Sirikawo” baby is video of the year contender, most importantly cinematic

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That Malcom Guy gave us a well scripted film with “Sirikawo” retouch, a reimagined take on the popular lullaby in song by Emperor Orlando and Menton Summer.

The project wouldn’t be without the team getting together to actually star in their own video. The gifted Malcom Bgyemano aka That Malcom Guy wrote the film whose premise is face your monsters and statues of limitations. The video which is directed by Malcom himself and Alim Karmali was produced by Titus Mawano with music from Benjamin Wana and Alim Karmali– who take us through punk, metal meets hip hop fusion.

The music video is a short film and contender of video of the year, regardless of the awards. We haven’t seen beautifully and artistic to the bone kind of visuals in a while. “Sirikawo” is cinematic.

Filmmaker Nes Nsamba Stanely once said rappers have the ability to write film scripts, they are good story tellers and we attest to that when we hear lyrics of the song and the visualization Malcom allows on “Sirikawo”.

The rappers on the song Denesi, Kloud Dipo, and Cxnvrd make an appearance as Ghost buster, Askari and Agent respectively.

That Malcom Guy is a conspiracy theorist, Monster that the child, Mutabani fears, his father comforts him but the child remains afraid. Later on the monster comes out and the child sort of bonds with it instead. We make our monster’s friends.

“Sirikawo” is about silencing cheap talkers, being conscious and cautious while you trade (which the conspiracy theorist warns: a monster is on the loose), staying ready and striving for what’s yours instead of whining.

Its hilarious and yet horror laden. The bar is high enough in UG Hip Hop’s film book.

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