The New Wave EP Trilogy turns 5: Baru talks working with Delboy, collaboration and more

The New Wave EP Trilogy  turns 5: Baru talks working with Delboy, collaboration and more

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8 years ago Baru released Redefinitions featuring numerous artists giving their take on his 1 minute 36 seconds beat. This got January lit up in 2015 as we got verses from people he preferred to work with. This gave birth to a new wave of Ugandan Hip Hop and other urban sounds. This is pre Young King, Kambajulire and of course The New Wave EP series.

Baru teamed up with Delboy – a syrupy rapper with a delivery that is distinct but you tell his Lil Wayne influences. The project was teased with mystery until its release. Delboy had worked with Baru before on “Nvuga Kampala” remix, “Green” and “Moses”.

The two Kabale born artists teamed up and released 3 EPs in 2018: The New Wave Chapter 1 on 18th March on Apple Music and other platforms on 19th March, while The New Wave Chapter 2 was released on 18 May, and Chapter 3 on 12 November of the same year.

The New Wave 1 is 5 years today.

They became Baru and Delboy’s production and collaboration trilogy.

I linked up with Baru to talk the project since its release 5 years ago.

Note: The interview has been edited for clarity.

[3/18, 7:58 PM]

Ayella: The New Wave turns 5 What is your favourite new wave series?

Baru: For real ? Chapter 3.

Ayella: Why 3?

(Baru is really big on collaboration. His catalogue is so wide and blessed with numerous artists working with him no wonder he has several collaborative albums.)

Baru: It was the climax of the series. The collaboration with the other artists involved made it more interesting.

Ayella: Do you feel the new wave 1 aged well?
Baru: I think it did what it had to do when it had to do it.

Ayella: If go back a little: how did the project come up. Was it the beats first or?
Baru: I was usually the beats first with the new wave.

Ayella: How and why was Del so integral to all the 3?
Baru: He was the main collaborator I was working with on the new wave series.

Ayella: Sure, you did well introducing him to us more. Was that also part of the plan to push his sound and yours?
Baru: It was a bit of both.

Ayella: Shall we have a fourth installment ?
Baru: If God wills. You never know.

We had not yet seen such creative harmony and drive from a producer and rapper. Baru changed the perspective of artists not working close enough with certain producers. He made collaboration fun, as he redefined Ugandan Hip Hop sound and made Trap as a subgenre get the attention it needed.

Baru doesn’t usually call himself a hip hop producer because of his wide sound palette. For hip hop, we feel he has done the most: a legend in the making.

Baru said The New Wave 3 is favourite, what was your best of the three projects?

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