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There was a time when hiphop would have only a column the size of your thumb. That sentence is a paraphrase of Enygma On Episode 27 of Mister Deejay Presents. 

The times have changed and many platforms have come up which is a sign of progress. NuveyLIVE being the first online radio for Hip Hop, Poetry and spoken word Blog we gave you last year the First Hip Hop Podcast in UG and you supported us from May 2015 to Up around August that is as far as the podcast episodes are concerned. The blog continued documenting as you can see (Read).

Enough of the Talk here is a new Episode for 2016 and you should also take it for a #ReBranding Episode for you. On this one I Wrap up some of the events that happened in the hip hop Community . ENJOY

This Episode is a recollection from 2015, simply giving a wrap up of most events and different land marking events that are worth remembering.


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