Benny Black releases ‘The Proem’, a fire intro to forthcoming album

Benny Black releases ‘The Proem’,  a fire intro to forthcoming album

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Benny Black has for a while teased his forthcoming album: Afroppuccino on social media, especially Twitter and SnapChat. And a while back he tweeted: Album done an indication he is set to drop it.

Before we can whet our appetites he has dropped The Proem which is the intro the album. If you know the lyrical and serious Benny, The Preom is that.  Benny plays around with the word problem, clips it to proem. That said he is suggesting he is still a problem and we should prepare for the heat.

On the other hand, Proem is a word that means ” a intro, preface or preamble to a book.” There is alwaya serious thought process from Benny Black. So far we are at the introductory part of the musical book yet to drop.

The audio is produced by Telling Beatzz and video shot and directed by Young Royalty

I was underground and even then, they used to dig me

The video shot in an unidentified location, shows Benny Black masked and wear all black. He is placed in a sort of rugged terrain and only person there. Subtly he is portraying the image of being the only one in this rap thing aka the K.F.C (Kampala’s Finest  Chap) coming the sun.

With this, Benny Black is reestablishing himself and offers a background of the behind the scenes, the now and the tomorrow for him as a hip hop artiste. Afroppucino is likely the best project to push this agenda and The Proem is just an intro to that.

I am feeling like simba, you know the lion is back

As we wait for the fruits of the book of rhyme looking  like Pinterest from Benny, Watch The Proem Below:

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