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EA with no doubt vibed to the unbwogable(still don’t know what that means clearly) sounds of Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Ting Badi Malo which is the area of concern here. Flex D’ Paper Crossed the border to Kenya for various issues, and happened to get  together with kenya’s Khaligrapgh Jones and Chris Kantai to make what you would call a remix or rather a hip hop make  over with 808’s emphasized.

From the 256 but I also shut it down in the 254
They play Amateur,[but Khaligraph n I ] mehn we only play pro

Flex doesn’t disappoint on this one, not the usual average flow and neither is it the slaying expected from him-thumbs up!. All together the two artists complement themselves on this more exotic and yet still indigenous track- because the hook Ting Badi malo is maintained from the original. Ting Badi Malo is a Jaluo phrase to mean Put your hand up.

For the good work revamping the old forgotten joint  Ting Badi Malo!


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