This is not Hip Hop Blasphemy though, Our History is Lurking!

This is not Hip Hop Blasphemy though, Our History is Lurking!

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It is easy to ask any less attached to hip hop persons about some of the legendary hip hop influences. The elders without listing the names here, your less attached to hip hop friend might not know or might take a lot of time recalling some – it’s seemingly a natural thing for a lurking history. And by elders am focusing on our own. Ugandan Hip Hop journalism still lags behind and we all have  to be honest with it- I hinted on this in an article months back. Read it here : Hip Hop Journalism – Baby lotion Media.

The direction I am taking for this article will be, the absence or a clear source for Ugandan Hip Hop history – the effect it has on many of the Sheeple and people within and out of the hip hop community. The recent release of the UG Hip Hop Awards, had a number rant or really a few folks on social media (after all its the only place now for rage release). Everyone has opinion – It’s like a list of your best five rappers – everyone has his own. The only problem with the so-called release of rage I feel was blatant and came out of the ignorance of what our own lack of recorded history says about the genre and culture.

This isn’t like baptism – UG hip hop has no baptism card as such. Men it is true are driven or motivated by trophies – but for one to say that it’s not worth it for us to celebrate our own and to encourage them to be competitive is wrong I wonder if criticism isn’t born in that! But that may be a story for another day. The only way in most cases we get to hear about what it was when UG hip hop was way back when?, is when may be there is a reference about DV8, Sabrina’s and the related. this is not to ignore the little written or recorded about this places. What am trying to say, there is less or not much shared hip hop knowledge about our own history, that we [young] – still need to learn more and be told more.

Hidden photo
Just Like the Bird Hidden in this Image – we need to uncover

Who cares about the first Ugandan rappers? Who cares if so and so was there at the time? Uhm. Some of these questions may be asked. Not that we should be happy about such but the idea is hip hop has the most aspirants who might barely know about builders and who might care less about our history because in itself it is seemingly bleak.  For you to understand this, is you should think about the little journalism that was offered to hip hop and yet the media is what we need more and still. Less was written, given these technological advances more should be written about the past, future and present to have us moving. It’s absurd to see us insult each other about the greatest, elders that one individual might know about and the other doesn’t. The UG Hip Hop Awards nominations prove that there rappers we might not know but have to know.

This generation is the luckiest but the most misled partially by its will not to respect the elders and partially by its limitations to knowledge. There might be a less encouraging attempt for it to find out what was and also would care less thanks to their exposure to detached hip hop to what we have in the land. As parties interested in Hip Hop, this is a call for us to share those stories, that information, those moments and make them more accessible. It is mandatory for the persons involved in hip hop and have no clue to absorb that data and we can free our history from lurking!

PEACE! :)♥

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