You can use the MTNMOMOCard to buy music on iTunes and more

You can use the  MTNMOMOCard to buy music on iTunes and more

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It is always frustrating for music enthusiasts and lovers to know there is a project out there and yet they cannot access it. More like, you know you can dance but for you to take part in a certain competition you need to have bought certain dancing shoes, but you still don’t know how to get them – I think it’s silly.

It is partially true that Ugandans don’t like to buy music. It is also definitely true they prefer downloading it to streaming countless times (could be the reason streams don’t matter to us). Most streaming services like iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and others require you to have a credit or debit card for you to access free and exclusive content. This is where the MTNMOMOCARD comes in to the rescue.

Out of ignorance and mistrust for our local platforms most artists use these global streaming services. Is still there? iTunes and others become an option. This intentionally and unconsciously causes exclusivity and thus limits most fans who would honestly like to consume the music, now stuck to only a new single.

Several factors are responsible for this exclusivity still. Our banking systems ( some) have failed to actually have E-banking systems that are reliable. I won’t discuss that today. Recently I created an account on MTNMOMO Master card program and found out I could pay for several services including buying music online, mostly Ugandan Hip Hop.

How do I create the MTNMOMOCARD?

You must have an MTN Simcard and an active mobile money account.

  • Dial 165*70# to create a card at 1,000 to pay online. Details
  • You will follow the prompts. You must have at least UShs 1000 on your MTN mobile account.
  • A message will pop on your screen after successful creation. Write the Card number you will receive and a CVC number which is used for security or as a password.
  • Ensure you secure those details.

Having created the card, go to any of these services and fill in the details as required. For you to purchase an item you should have at least an amount slightly higher than what your buying. Artists themselves can benefit from this because you will require a Visa card or MasterCard to access some of these services.

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NB. This is when you don’t have a banking system that supports online services or when you really don’t have cash on your bank account. The MTNMOMOCard is an alternative.

This post is out of need MTN didn’t send me a check for this post. I wrote it for creatives and their fans to benefit. If you work at MTN hit me up and we talk business 😀😀😀😂😂.

Do you know any other ways of purchasing music online that I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comment section

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