Hip Hop For Society

The annual Hip Hop For Society event is back. The event will happen for its 11th time as it consistently promotes: the positive roles of hip hop in society.

Hip Hop For Society is an initiative by Break-Dance Project Uganda aimed at promoting formal and informal education and increasing people’s access to both.  This is one of BPU’s objectives.

According to the event’s presser; Hip Hop For Society   will take place this Sunday,  January 28 at Nsambya Sharing hall. Lost of fun activities, performances are to expected which is a norm at all Hip Hop For Society events.

Hip-hop For Society is an immensely popular, community event organized by Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) that takes place every year in January and brings together thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds to witness and celebrate the positive roles of hip hop in society.
This event highlights one of BPU’s main objectives; Promoting formal and informal education and increasing people’s access to both.


2018 theme: Progression
Date: Sunday 28th January 2018
Venue: Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya (Kampala, Uganda)
Time: 2pm until 9pm.
Entry: free and suitable for all ages.


The event is an exciting combination of live performances, showcases, break-dance & popping battles, interactive workshops, inspiring speeches, educational discussions, video screenings and exhibitions. Performances combine elements of hip hop including; break-dance, rap, beatboxing, graffiti etc plus a wide range of other art forms featuring both established and up and coming artists.

This year’s theme is  “Progression”. The  UG Hip Hop events calendar as usual every year opens up at least with Hip Hop For Society, and until Sunday. Where you at last year’s Hip Hop For Society? What was the experience like?


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