Creatives: Before You go Live on Social Media Check list

Creatives: Before You go Live on Social Media Check list

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Ever since the world got locked down due to the COVID19 pandemic aka Corona Virus, a surge of online activity is reported to have increased. This including more streaming world wide and more interest shown in online concerts or something of the sort.

In Uganda here, Kenneth Mugabi, Navio, Feffe Bussi embraced this as soon as Corona Virus caused a threat. Outdoor concerts were cancelled, but you can produce yours at home and we shall watch over the online Platforms you choose.

Navio dubbed his as the first Ugandan online album release, first of its kind. With a band to support. He faced setbacks to do with the streaming but he ensured sound was fine and picture too.

Bobi Wine aka Kyagulanyi Robert a while ago staged a well produced show that was exceptional making us forget for a minute other acts who had done the same in previous weeks like Joseph Mayanja Chameleon, Swangz Avenue’s Uganda Strong and United Concert. The reason is simple production and timing.

For those interested in going live online, on social media there some things to look into for a good experience for those watching.

Just because it’s cheaper it doesn’t mean you offer a terrible experience.

Camera – choose and test the camera you hope to use. If you are going live to just chat with your fans, a simple 8mp camera phone selfie can do the trick, you are just talking like how APass does it. If it’s a concert you are going to hire or buy a better camera we need to experience some quality.

Bad image turns off people because, they want to actually see you.

Sound – your phone’s microphone can capture fair sound in a controlled environment. If it’s poor enhance with an external microphone.

Place – this is entirely up to you. If you call your show a bedroom concert or chat, then bedroom it is. Navio said it’s an album release he went to Mfano Design Lab. If you watched Bobi Wine’s concert which was thoroughly planned for then you’ll get the picture. Make sure the room is well lit for the camera you are using to capture whatever happens.

Hosting platform – are a Twitter person, Facebook or YouTube, does Instagram cut for you? This should be thought of. If majority of your fans use Instagram use it. Don’t try Twitter when it’s only me who follows you. YouTube is only possible if you have 1000 subscribers or 4000hours of watch. So if your fan base if of 100 active people stick to Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing – should I market my live event? Yes and no. If you are aiming at performing for people online you need to inform them, earlier and what it is they will get. If you are randomly getting online, please share a post before you go live. You can also inform your followers.

Time – in Uganda streaming is not yet everyone’s meal. It is said hours between 7pm – 9pm are favourable because internet data speeds are good. The point is be live at times you find your data speeds fast enough for you to stream. Or invest in a reliable network.

Post live – you can save the live feed for this who will come later to stream. Don’t take it down.

How much you invest in depends on who you are and what capital you have. It’s important you choose accordingly. Over to you if I left something out.

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