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Best rapper under twenty five?
Lord!I could name another twenty guys

You could say that the beast has awoken or the ‘Musisi in this mother..’ has returned. As the crown boy, Timothy CODE was having a good time with Mith on the Urban Tv HipHop Show, SMASH he happened to mention statements that didn’t sound nice in Benny’s ear over the weekend (Saturday). The new track was released yesterday titled Black Monday as clarity that there are very many more talented UG rappers under twenty five hotter, in violation to CODE’s self proclamation as the best under twenty five.

I ain’t doin what you rappers do
In college for computer science,see I’m doin what the hackers do

The Enter the ring rapper yesterday (Monday) had his name trending close to Benny Black‘s over social media and memes that were quoted from his lyrics found there way too to trend. The title to this post too was inspired by the amazing arrangement of the rhetoric ‘Best rapper at twenty five?‘ at his 25th bar.(May be he didn’t notice it). All in all this isn’t a diss-track as such i think its the best knowledge track that has dropped this month and it seems like the ring has been entered.



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