Video Premier: Jk Lubanto unveils ‘Bibala’ official visual

Video Premier: Jk Lubanto unveils ‘Bibala’ official visual

  12 Sep 2017

The Bibala video simply needs not much talk but precision with the details. JK Lubanto has officially released the long teased video for Bibala, a track produced by Nase Avatar at Portbell Drive.

Jk Lubanta raps with a lady beside (not the same one for other shots) and the main focus is the different ladies shot solo. Displays of fruits are seen on a table. To reinforce his fruit metaphor -bibala – and the notion of him desiring to eat his loved one’s bibala; we are treated to a great stride by Jk Lubanto.

It should be noted that Jk Lubanto is the reason why 2 Bad Entertainemnt is mentioned as he is making impeccable efforts to break through as a solo artist on the flagman-ship of 2 Bad Entertainment.

Bibala will leave you with two options:   thought of the sexual innuendo (in the euphemistic  line “take a bite of your bibala”) or buying your self fruits to curb the urge it rises in you upon watching.

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