Blixxack is every rapper’s rapper and tutor, serves bars on new EP, The BARista – Listen Now

Blixxack is every rapper’s rapper and tutor, serves bars on new EP, The BARista – Listen Now

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Blixxack has released The BARista EP featuring a guest verse from long time collaborator, Tucker HD on the third track. Blixxack who is one of the best to brace the mic, and normally refered to as Enygma’s best student with his new 3 track EP – it’s the coffee he is serving us.

With this project, he proves that he is every rapper’s rapper alongside his brother in the raps Tucker HD. Themed around brewing of coffee, the EP is a lyrical cup of tea we should consume from Blixxack. In fact, TB is the lyrical extension of Afropuccino on tracks like “The Proem”. With ease, he is showing off his awesome pen game, that not many can match, a conscious branding and subtle gift to those hungering for some lyrical Benny.

My poems capture golden moments – Blixxack

On “Alessandro Volta Flow” Blixxack talks about his journey, not giving up and staying awake while the rest are sleep. In fact he likens himself to Alessandro Volta. He also feels like Mansa Musa, powerful and wealthy with the flows because he is a Pyro Mansa. Blixxack carefully (Ok on “Mansa Musa”) takes us on a historical journey while using this as an opportunity to tell us he is the one, or the one that will ether the one.

The EP wraps up with “Royale With Cheese”, the first single off the EP released. The two remind us that they are some of the best to ever do it and so, expect no jokes when it comes to this rap thing. They spew royalty, and monetizing their grind, as Tucker spits, ” don’t ask for a verse when you paying me in favours.” “Royale With Cheese” is a testament of growth, creative freedom and control to do as one pleases, a notion written all over the EP.

With this EP it’s only right to say, Blixxack is surely UG Hip Hop’s BARista and BARman to ever bless the booth, keeping lyricism alive.

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