Ugandan Hip Hop artists don’t seem to sleep which is a good sign for the future of Ugandan Hip Hop. Last month a number of singles were dropped that said welcome to August. New Month new music. Here is a brand new one from LLYBOC aka Mr Ntinda, King Of Brokeness which we are not yet certain of the inspiration Behind it. All that is clear its a song highlighting a state of stagnation in a rappers life, or any other individual in that nothing seems to shift as regards career or its equivalent.

Prior To Lift off was the last project we had heard from LLYBOC King of brokeness therefore comes as a reminder that this highly competitive and energetic emcee still prowls the rap radar.

The Song samples Side Zeno a hit single by Pryce Teeba released about four weeks ago. This surely entails the solidarity and loyalty to Ntinda a kampala suburb that many believe holds Ugandan Hip Hop in its hands. That’s a matter of later discussion, King Of Brokeness is that track You can resonate with Download it and share.


Written By: Ayella N Robert

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