[BrandNew ] Tinsobola – Wake ft Afrie

[BrandNew ] Tinsobola – Wake ft Afrie

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Tinsobola which translates simply to “i cant” is a song by Wake, a Christian rapper and poet / Spoken word artist featuring Afrie (who sings and adds the vocals for the hook). Wake raps in both English and Lugwere on a Dj Unk beat- Walk it out. And according to Nase Avatar who handled the recording of Tinsobola, Stone Town did the post production(mixing and mastering). Wake is has continued with his positive message as a rapper as he cronies with the Hidden Empire Movement. He is also part of Potters Clay and an occasional face at Milege Acoustic sessions and poetry at Makerere.  The song explores a Christian who is vowing not to ever sell out on God and assuring spectators and those sneak dissing- he is better off Christian.

More about Wake:

Facebook: WAKE 256

Twitter: @wake_256

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