Calm before the storm by Tucker suggests that any rapper in the twenty five-6 could zip CODE

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Tucker HD

CODE might have got himself into the wrong TV-troll by undermining the faction of rappers under 25. The new Calm before the storm is a follow up of the wrath of rappers who where not pleased with CODE’s remarks during an interview with the Mith on SMASH last weekend.

Under 25? Dawg I was at Rouge? It hella got dirty
You didn’t even make the last 30

Tucker HD unlike Benny Black who kicked Knowledge to CODE, he decided to give him an education and also help CODE do a self assessment of his career before (if we took back time) comparing himself to Tucker. To steal a line from the new song by HD these might be two Ls for Mr Timothy that is to say his Ls double if he doesn’t match the supposed diss track.

Well planned piercing remarks surface on this one. Eh Tucker! Apparently the track takes us back in time by the way, to about four years back when Talent Africa had its Urban star search and according to the lyrics CODE ‘..didn’t make it to the last 30’ This is to justify that Tucker (who emerged winner then) has done better and deserves a little respect.

Nothing to prove, no need of my dick-rode
Any rapper in the 25-6 could zip Code.

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M7 is sampled  saying “you are in trouble… in Uganda” and we can’t help but think it is the definite outcome unless the air is cleared and a truce be worked out. Tucker other wise just let out enough to work with.  As the Black Monday opened a week against CODE a #TuckerTuesday has officially been revamped with #CBTS which lyrically speaking is not a disappointment.

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