STRAP’s Certitude is satisfaction and rejuvenation from a Young Elder

STRAP’s Certitude is satisfaction and rejuvenation from a Young Elder

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Certitude is the fourth album from STRAP which has the ever flourishing strategic wordplay and knowledge giving sessions. Like the previous album, it runs for s shorter time. STRAP being a 80s’ baby and a 90s’ son he opens the album with those influences like the reference label me a bad boy for life.

The old man raps come out of him on this album a role he is taking seriously as he hit the third floor. He is still abstract and makes mention of this on “IV” as counts it (money). The challenge with it is that you really need to revisit his old work if you have forgotten how he rolls. For new fans, you have to check out his old work to understand the old man raps and the Young Elder stance.

Numerous topics surround this project, but Certitude comes from a grown man who is satisfied and is learning: just a fickle man who is constantly learning while he graces naturally. This is a point of his career he speaks of his truth a replenshing act like sipping water as his goal of the summer. This album is honest and is STRAP reflecting and telling us the benefits of a peace of mind.

Jay Jay, Ayodlo and Afost contributed to the production of this project released 4 October this year. STRAP is a talented rapper/hip hop artist who has taken a lead role in visual production of all his music.

The six track project is entirely grown man talk. A transition. It is a clearer and better poised knowledge giver STRAP who has been for a long time seeking knowledge himself, sipping water this summer with a vision clearer. It is to safe to say knowledge as element of hip hop is strengthened by rappers like Mr. Nkoba.

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