Did Enygma predict the Eddy Kenzo vs Late Philly Lutaaya Born In Africa situation?

Did Enygma predict the Eddy Kenzo vs Late Philly Lutaaya Born In Africa situation?

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8 years ago Enygma jumped on Baru’s “Redefinitions” beat on which he seemed to have “defended” the legendary status of Pilly Lutaaya. You would think this is a direct response to singer Eddy Kenzo’s recent remarks.

Late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya was a Ugandan musician (19 October 1951 – 15 December 1989). Most remember him for the classic Christmas album and musical talents. He is locally and internationally known for his bravery to declare he was HIV/AIDs positive at a time the world was in a lot of denial.

In Ugandan Hip Hop, it is believed Philly is likely the first rapper when he rhymed/rapped lines on his song “Nakazaana” before anyone did. So in the rap circles especially of the earliest rappers, Philly is an originator.

The Prophecy? Philly Lutaaya VS Eddy Kenzo

On “Redefinitions” Engyma referenced Eddy Kenzo’s popular hit song “Sitya Loss” (2014) by saying “seat ya loss” a pan and a nod to those celebrating then viral song and says he is “Born In Africa” a reference to Philly’s popular song that many have sampled or redone.

Enygma goes ahead to say “ain’t none sicker on the mic since Philly” to confirm no one is has been as good as the late Philly. This was also a reference to the iconic status of Mr. Lutaaya in Uganda’s music industry.

In the media recently Philly’s name popped up and his song “Born In Africa”

Born In Africa

Flash forward Eddy Kenzo came out recently to address the criticism of his remake of “Born In Africa” upon the release of the video.

Eddy Kenzo feels he his greater because of the views his music has on YouTube versus Philly. Others are saying, because of his recent international awards nominations and wins he is a huge asset to Uganda hence making him a greater artist much as the two artists are from different eras.

Eddy Kenzo says he intended to give the song more reach and out of respect. He also argues from a numbers perspective with advanced technology and more to which many are saying the times are different.

Did Enygma Know?

I have songs that have 100s of millions of views.

His song has just a million veiws after so many years. That means Philly has no song that is bigger than any of mine. Numbers don’t lie.

And I respect him so much and that is why I made a re-do of his song. I re-did the song to push it further to nations that don’t know it.


They say artists tend to have a prophetic eye, looks like Enyma saw this coming.

With the current Eddy Kenzo situation, it feels like Enygma is prophetic in his music or it is simply a coincidence. It also proves E, is a lyrical genius. It is Enygma who had a mask on many years before wearing a mask was cool. After COVID 19 many wearing a mask is normal.

We couldn’t help but revisit Enygma’s bar which seemed to comment on music early on and the current times. Showbiz is like “Game of thrones” everyone wants the top.

To each one their opinion. Over to you, your thoughts?

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