Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

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Certified battle rapper, hip hop artist and producer 207  redefines his sound with Mbawe a single off Africanise the album under way. The track is produced by Nase Avatar and it is a banger for as long as it makes it to your favorite club or happening place not to forget your radio- word to your radio DJ’s they should cope this.

207 is still working on his album but this single makes us feel like he should drop it as soon as possible for it gives us a taste of what we should expect. He raps ” eno beat si yabaa Jamaikah” implying that it is a home produced instrumental in fact one by Nase Avatar- Isn’t it a way to Africanise our Hip Hop? The track is a groovy one you surely will like it.


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One thought on “Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

  1. […] Nase Avatar is no stranger to the NuveyLIVE Pod-casts; this time round I hit him up to talk about a few things on what he has been doing and a number of interesting things going on. He is apparently listening to a lot of NTM, Gravitity and Mun G.Well S.T.R.A.P’s abstract sound, new releases from Nelly Sade, Flex D’Paper , the Telling My Story Project and  Sampling, which took up most of our conversation which was quiet informative as regards the insight gave us about sampling. Episode 9 has so much for you because you will get to know more like what exactly the Telling My Story project was about and the future of this initiative as revealed by Nase. […]

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