Fasie talks about how the “All Femcees Hip Hop Cypher” came about

Fasie talks about how the “All Femcees Hip Hop Cypher” came about

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Fasie on her song “Olugendo” talks about her journey in music industry and if you follow closely she was active for almost 15 plus years; from interest, to being part and being pro Ugandan Hip Hop.

The “All Femcees Hip Hop Cypher” might be the only fully female song/cypher/posse with more that four rappers that has ever been released or known. The project tapped into different generations of Ugandan female rap. MC Yalla, Fasie coming from an era/years before 2010, Keko who represented the 2010s going onwards to Agee, Cleo The Sphynx, Ninja C and Twitch coming later.

Fasie recently in an interview with UG Hip Hop Awards shared what she was intending and how AHHFC came about. She also took the opportunity to comment on the state of female rap; she said she likes the breed of teenage rappers that have come up.

Look at what he had to say about the current state of female rap?

It is extremely refreshing to see more lyrical female rappers coming out with so many different flavors and styles. I am happy to see so many young talented teenage rappers that have so much to offer. They remind me of my young self when I just started rapping.

When asked about how the All Femcess Hip Hop Cypher came about she said: For the love of Hip Hop and the culture, I felt like putting together an all female cypher would be a great initiative to support women in hip hop and have our voices heard on one track. I reached out to them and sent them a beat. A couple of days later we hit the studio and recorded the cypher.

And years later she is still excited about the project and the potential it had. Fasie admitted: To this day I am still amazed by how all the female rappers went hard on the beat and had the best lyrics and delivery.

AHHFC was one of those rare projects, in fact that one project that offered a change when most ciphers in the game were extremly male dominated.

Listen to the ground breaking project below:

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