#FEMCEEMONTH| Meet The Sphynx | Half Lady Half Beast

#FEMCEEMONTH| Meet The Sphynx | Half Lady Half Beast

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WE are a bit late for our #FEMCEEMONTH schedule however we are glad to present to You The Sphynx-The Half Lady Half Beast! We know what you might be thinking, but we are hoping to get in touch with her, to decipher this vivid description of her rapping and personal description. To clarify the metaphors–hopefully. The Sphynx is a femcee from House of stone a hip hop house that does more than music recording and visual recording –but also has a number of hip hop projects in store and so artists. Back to The Sphynx, has a number of tracks recorded and thank fully we have embedded here you can listen to them and feel free to leave a comment.


USE THE HASHTAG #FEMCEEMONTH this Month, tag us @NuveyLive let us Know your Fav Femcee

You can like her FaceBook Page now :  The Sphynx EMC

(internet Photo) The Sphynx on Smash Aired on UrbanTV

Among other projects, The Sphynx Featured on the All FEMCEE’s Cypher that included Keko, Mc Yalla, Ninja-C, Zion Mc, Fasie. Twitch, earlier on this year.

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