Flex D’Paper’s “Mandem” is an Anthem for Everlasting Friendship

Flex D’Paper’s “Mandem” is an Anthem for Everlasting Friendship

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This is an anthem, Mandem anthem!

Flex D’Paper on Kampala Boy has a song with A Pass titled “Not My Friends” and he was being specific. “Mandem” like “Day Ones” shines a light to keeping it real and on real friends in his life in the third part of the song.

Flex has officially released the video to this loyalty and friendship themed song.

“Mandem” is a phrase used to mean my boys, my people, friends usually male and here he is using it to refer to his best of friends.

Shot at Net Studios Africa and direct by Skillz, the song features a number of friends some of whom are mentioned on the song. As Flex continues to push the narrative that he is the best or one of the best coming out of his generation.

When Flex D’Paper says “may the best man win” he is in support of everyone around him even when he feels he is the best one at the end of the day “cause they (other people are) backing the wrong tree”

Watch video here:

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