#HappyWomensday: Roseline Mugisha, Co-founder NuveyLive shares her views on UG Hip Hop and women’s role

#HappyWomensday: Roseline Mugisha, Co-founder NuveyLive shares her views on UG Hip Hop and women’s role

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Roseline is a Co-founder NuveyLive and the longest serving associate, writer and editor. I happened to chat her up and she gave her views on Ugandan hip hop and poetry, arts inspired therapy and more.

As NuveyLive we would like to celebrate the only lady who has been behind the team for the longest of time.

Ayella: Hello, would please introduce yourself to our readers who might not know you well?
Who is Roseline Mugisha?

Roseline: A teacher of English language and literature, learning poet, a writer, editor, Jesus freak,

Ayella: The number of women or even young ladies out there; statistics show are slow to embrace tech, are you among the statistics?

Roseline: Am I among the statistics?
I’ve been in and out quiet a few moments, I guess I couldn’t be let in even if I wished so. Am sure am a few miles away from the category just to say

Ayella: Interesting. Describe, your journey as ‘modern’ writer, the like that uses the phones, tabs and all to tell stories?

It’s been a learning one, provided I’ve had to embrace new strategies of getting a piece of me read or heard or listened to. Especially from people like you that have introduced me to specifics and welcomed the amateur in me willing to transform me better to being the best of what I would say, is a journey, way too long but worth the walk.

Ayella: Am glad, you accepted my influence.

Roseline: The pleasure is quiet mine.

Ayella: In line with that, how has the journey been like using those technologies, writing or contributing or creating content for NuveyLive?

Roseline: Like I said before, it’s been worth a take on. Challenging but influencing and intriguing, (it makes you want to create more and triggers your creativity or say conscience to be better.)

It makes you want to up the game since there is more than just one site.
There is a lot of learning.

Ayella: Did you ever see yourself writing for a blog, that has been referred to as one of the most relevant sites covering Ugandan hip hop especially at a time, males dominate and seem favored?

Roseline: Not really. Not really!

But when opportunity ‘slaps’ itself in your face. What more than embrace it

Ayella: What’s your take on Ugandan Hip hop and poetry in relation to the demographics and women?

Roseline: Seems to be so much into how much, I or people really think of women and Hip Hop.

Hip Hop and poetry to me, are one in the same thing. What you need to create one is necessary for the other,
Provided what a few people think of Hip Hop is not what it really is just that we lack or people lack the knowledge of what it’s really made of.
Whereas poetry is the normal thing that a few still relate with to be fine and all, is quite intriguing because ‘they’ might feel they know it or something yet it’s viseversa.

I would really beg and plead that more is shared and more is said about what these genres are to be wholly embraced without criticism of one or two of the genres.

More energy and support is really needed to uplift these genres.

Ayella: Moving away from that, as NuveyLive, you are NuveyLive, we have MunchSipRhyme soon in April. And we shall talk, celebrate and appreciate mental health and arts inspired therapy. What is Poetry/hiphop’ position in therapy according to you and a little experience?

Roseline: Rephrase that please.

Ayella: What do you think is poetry’s/hiphop’s role in therapy? And in your down time how does it keep you going?

Roseline: Ohhhh
What makes up the two are words, twisted and built into lines.
Lines and Rhymes with energy.
Stanzas and intros with words full of energy, not just energy but words created from a well thought brain pleading for a cause.

These are bits made from hungry minds unable to keep their heartfelt and care to share it up with the rest.

Now, this is how Therapeutic it is, I become my own counsellor, I become my own inspiration sometimes, I become better through the lines that keep me focused and ready to heal my own self.

Now, this is something someone will create, but imagine how through your own healing, as you pen down those words and lines become a source, a magnet, a speaker and muse to someone out there whose situation is much more or is like yours.

I would spend a lifetime preparing a speech on how this works, but it takes a willing soul to realise how beautiful this art is.

Poetry and hip-hop to me are not just entertainment joints, they are more than what lies behind the bits that get the crowd wild.

Ayella: I guess misery loves company, for everyone who finds through art, music is looking for something to relate too. Should we expect a piece or two from you at MunchSipRhyme ?

Roseline: Miracles do happen all the time.
Let’s see how the day drops in.

Ayella: Well then. Any last words?

Roseline: Embrace your world, live a little out of it, grade the two, then decide to judge what’s best.

Roseline: Then live your life like it’s a gift, no one will ever grab from your hands, that is grab and hold tight to it before it withers.

Ayella: You are signing off so philosophically. But am afraid, we will kick philosophy later. Was nice quizzing you for our readers.

Roseline: You’re welcome
Pleasure is mine

Follow Her @Lyn_Mugisha.

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