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The song is the literal version of Crown me  after a long hustle that T-Jay of Replica Music brings in mind with raw cut lyrics.

its replica you gotta “king Me” like
the four Ks in a card game,


In his own words:

“KING ME” by T-Jay (@TJayUG) is a self-Inspired HipHop/Rap song voiced, mixed & mastered at “Buzz Audio” by Capital KEN & Y-Tud, Special Shouts to Juan Boadella (@JuanBoadella) German based producer & Beat Maker.

“KING ME” is off T-Jay’s #OriginalDanDalla upcoming Mixtape dropping early October-2016. The single is based on personal Life battles and struggles, that T-Jay was goin through and eventually emerging a Winner/ Hero after having to put up with Haters, Bankruptcy, Relationships, just to mention but a few; The “King Me” single also emerges  as a straight shot assurance to these other “soft” UG swagger jackin’ rappers, according to him.

Im my only Hero, the weaknesses are all gone
I was in a battle, but did survive my crown on
King Me, Now I can see, witness the greatness the freshness in me
Just King Me now I can feel, thoughts in my head pacin’ up King is Me.


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