Hip Hop, Buy Uganda Build Uganda Matters to US

Hip Hop, Buy Uganda Build Uganda  Matters to US

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Today the Ministry of Trade and other stake holders launch the Buy Uganda Build Uganda campaign which has been trending on Twitter acronym-ed as #BUBU. Well it sounds like what one will call their better half. Seriously though we think this #BUBU agenda is important a force in the Hip Hop world, poetry and beyond. If it’s Ugandan and good and you like it throw some notes for it.

If products, quality products are paid for (and we are speaking in terms of genre specific products like CDs, T-Shirts and more), the authors are inspired more to produce yet again. When an industry is invested in, it has higher chances to taste a build.

On Twitter there were interesting tweets like the ones below and we relate to them this way;

One interesting tweet from Ministry of Trade:

Speaking of patriotism, supporting Ugandan content, music, mixtapes, albums and the related is actually an act of patriotism. Entertainment is an industry, hip hop, poetry, spoken word actually are income generating aspects of our economy, did you know? Many companies tap into hip hop’s potential to generate income.

What about genre or culture patriotism? Hip Hop Partriotism? Simply, we can attend album shows, concerts or buy the products created for us and we can say, hell yah am contributing to my countries economy.

And of course quality: 

Persons ready to contribute and buy Ugandan content (hip Hop, Poetry and Spoken word related products); quality shouldn’t be compromised as such. People will want to pay for whats worth. Remember when mix tapes where not highly packaged? Well we know that has improved!

Competition is scared or just taking a nap basing on this tweet, we will see people getting competitive:

Well rapper A,  poet B or Spoken Word artist C, see’s (no pan intended) that there is increased output, quality and branding definitely some productive competition is likely.

We may not talk that technical, economy staff that Ministry of Trade may say actually; but, whats more technically important is support local artists, poets, shows and the products they create.

Buy Uganda Build Uganda is simply support Ugandan products and Hip hop, Poetry, Spoken word include the many.

*****Note**** none of the tweets are branded they are used to relate our view for a nation that supports its own.



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