Interview: Baru talks joint 1am EP with Delboy, an album and new single “Fiona”

Interview: Baru talks joint  1am EP with Delboy, an album and new single “Fiona”

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August has been one of the busiest months of this year as regards new music releases. Adding to the August 2020 ‘busy’, Baru and Delboy are set to release a new project together. The two have been collaborating on various projects including The New Wave series and other EPs. I had an exclusive interview with Baru Beats and talked about what’s coming a head and the 1am EP.

As you read this you should know that the interview happened a few days before the latest single off the EP, “Fiona” was released.

For clarity this interview was edited.

First things first, how you doing Baru ?

I am doing great man. Thankful for life.

Shall we even hear you rap or sing on any song?

Lol. Nahhh. I don’t rap or sing on any of the songs. Delboy has that covered.

You dropped Two Wavy a month or two ago, which at first we thought it was just a song then boom an EP was out. What’s the process like for you?

Naturally. I think I am wired to make music. So I make a lot of music. I am always making music so it has become second nature. All these EPs and albums come from seasons depending on how I be feeling.

Delboy is likely now the second person you collaborate with,. Is he an easy person to work with?

When it’s comes to making music Delboy has been one of the people that has been easy to work with cause he gets melody. That’s why we’ve been able to make so much music together.

1am cover

Now, recently you announced, 1am would drop, what’s it about and how comes you have dropped a follow up project in such a short time?

1am is just vibes. On 1am we tried to make music that we imagined playing in a night life setting after 1 am. I am just hoping it serves the purpose or any other purposes it is meant to serve. I drop music frequently because first of all I make a lot of music and when I make art they aim [is] so it can be consumed. I wouldn’t want to starve my core fan.

1am cover sort of has a subtle message. How do you settle for certain cover art for instance Magdalene? What’s in 1am ?

It is usually the picture the music paints for me. And I also usually want fans to have their individual interpretations of the artwork. Exercise imagination.

Any last remarks for what more we should expect this year, because you are busy 365 man?

More music. I’ve been working on one of the most important projects of my career. An album. It will be ready before the end of this year hopefully.

*** 1am will be released officially on 28th of this month August.

A day after this interview Baru revealed a new single off 1am was out. Watch “Fiona” below or stream it on all streaming services here

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