IRIE FRESTYLE: “The Homie is a concept, It’s not a nickname” says The Homie


The Homie is a concept not a nickname

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What happens when a rapper has so much to say and possibly to prove…

“Irie Fresstyle” charged with shots and praises from associates was released at the build up of the UG Hip Hop Awards 2023 and the Byg Ben VS Big Tril Twitter drama.

Tim Nshuti aka The Homie ever since his debut (2019) has shown he has an ability to string words together interestingly and his freestyle voice is relatively the same (at most) given the choice of beats selected – he is laid back. It is more of a motif and a character as he says some heavy things you should hear or a moment to extend his bravado.

“I am The Homie, but I am not your bro” and “The Homie is a concept not a nickname” is the attitude on here. This is not a song it is an outlet to keep and remind his core Hip Hop fans “Waragi” and related songs are him having fun but he still got time for bars too.

Listen to the song below produced by Dero and hope you catch the shot at Byg Ben and let us know what you think.

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