Kelele celebrates Two years of Poetic noise, Hip Hop and more

Kelele celebrates Two years of Poetic noise, Hip Hop and more

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Now for those of us for whom spoken word and poetry are real things that constitute daily life, Friday 15th was quite an evening. If I need to tell you what is so special about the said date, then let me get you up to speed about one of the most thrilling and increasingly popular poetry shows in Uganda.

Kelele is a poetry show where poets and musicians of all genres come to present to an audience that is not only supportive but also very engaging.

So on Friday 15th 2017 Kelele made two years since its inception in 2015. It has grown remarkably and many poets and musicians have had a chance to expose and develop their talents and skills on the platform that Kelele has so graciously provided.

Zombie at Kelele celebrating two years
Zombie performing

The show started with songs and poems of ambushed, yes, ambushed people who were asked to present something without exactly preparing to present anything. All was spontaneous. Their performances blew the audience away nonetheless. I mean, what else would you expect from Zombie the poet when he performs his poetry with perfectly chosen words? Or from Wake the poet who leaves you thinking about some pertinent issues in your life?

The amazing performances blew minds, thrilled the audience and there was nothing more we would like to ask for when the show ended.

We thank the organising team of Kelele for putting together a platform where the talents of the youth are developed. The amazing work that is being done to promote Ugandan poets, hip-hop artistes and musicians at large – is a sacrifice that will see the youth and therefore our society developing.

Kelele happens once every fortnight at Makerere University Art Gallery, many people who would like to increase their fan base, have their wishes granted at Kelele. This organisation works in association with others such as: MUFCOP, an organisation that informs the youth about financial discipline, and helps them to learn a lot about better ways of using money rather than wash the whole lot down in recreational activities; The Story People where writers are accommodated, and have a chance to write, tell stories and develop their fan base as well and several others.

We congratulate Kelele upon this milestone and we also want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the opportunity it has provided to the youth, we also thank the poets and musicians who honour invitations and make an effort to inspire and entertain. Early on this year we received great assistance for our inaugural Mental Health and Therapy through arts event.


If you feel Kelele is the place for you to entertain yourself after a long fortnight, or if you have a hidden talent for poetry and music, you should get up and make an appearance on that stage. Your life will change.

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