We are on the way to #MunchSipRhyme, FOMO is just to add to it:

I took sometime to chat and ask a few questions addressed to Lamu, a cross genre artist who has appeared on projects like November Came Late (Tempo Music), has worked with KSL and and has also worked with various hip-hop/trap artists and producers like, Mio Made, MAFB, The Silent Treatment, Kayce House, l-steel Lagum and Ledra.

Born Ahlam Ismail she performs as LAMU a nickname she has had since childhood.

She is a February baby, (24 February, 1997.).

Alongside music, the young artist is an Entrepreneur, Singer, Writer, Film maker, and loves to call her self a visionary.

Her sound is typically Urban, Edm, Trap, HipHop, RnB and sometimes a mixture of all.

When I asked her about what she thinks about mental health and arts inspired therapy she says:

I believe arts inspires /acts as therapy and is good for mental health….

She continues:

Music actually saved my life.

Music and film has always been apart of me since. But I had reached a point in my life where I felt I had no purpose. I turned to music and felt a little better each time. Getting suicidal thoughts. Losing motivation. Almost giving up. But I haven’t looked back since.
Its a process but I believe it helps.

Lamu is going to be at MunchSipRhyme and she will perform her music there.

She has an EP she is working on and has so far released two singles off it; Missing and Crossroads.

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