Larry lays down what it is like to have societal pressure, insecurities that could eat up one’s confidence. He also talks reclaiming your confidence, your ability to stand up for what’s yours and having your esteem up.

“Confidence” explores some of the commonest mental health related issues such as peer pressure, low self esteem, lack of individual belief and self doubt. Imagine being demeaned and underappreciated by your own family and friends to a point of hating school, hating parties and feel so much pressure?


On the second verse: Larry inspires and resolves saying, “I am a focused man…with a thought out plan”. For any one feeling low he sings no one should touch on your confidence.

The song was produced by Victory Alley’s Talemwa Jesse, written and recorded by Larry, mixed and mastered by Rodney Mulindwa at the Victory Alley studios.

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